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Welcome to TechnoDYNA


    TechnoDYNA is a Consultancy and Solutions provider operating in MENA region. We are a media centric technology provider with both custom built solutions and international ready made solutions. We have huge experience with regional high profile clients and a set of international high potential partners.

    Our solutions vary from the in-house built Digital Asset Management Seshat, to cutting edge augmented reality mobile/PC apps, to SAN central storage and archiving solutions, critical on-air playout servers to cloud solutions. 

Latest News

Aldyaa media production purchases more Cinegy playout servers from TechnoDYNA. 

TechnoDYNA is now a partner of the Quantum Alliance.

TechnoDYNA is setting up a regional distribution network. Countries covered till now include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Lebanon.

TechnoDYNA is now the Cinegy partner in MENA region.